Artwork Guide

If you are uploading your own artwork for a rubber stamp, it's best if this can be supplied in vector format. (.eps, .ai or .pdf)
Please note, .pdf is the only vector format available when uploading through this website. 

For the best results please keep with the following requirements.
• Minimum text size 7pt.
• Minimum line thickness 0.25mm
• Images to be supplied in black and white at a resolution of at least 600dpi
• The design should have a 1mm clearance from the edge of the stamp plate.

What is a vector?

Logos and artwork should be supplied  in vector format if possible. If not send through the best version of your logo that you have.
Vector images are usually generated by graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Affinity Designer.
The images are based on math, so what ever size the design is it keeps it's quality. 
If you are having any issues with design, you can always just email through what you want and we are more than happy to put it together. Please note, additional charges may apply.
A poor quality raster image of a low resolution.
Low quality raster images are really not ideal.
Vector images keep their quality, no matter the size.
Vector images keep their sharpness and quality, no matter the size.
A high quality image will also look decent, we will however need to vectorise it.
Send through the best available image you have. Vector is best, otherwise a high resolution image.
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